Women & Crohn’s

This could be a good group to start! I found this excellent article about women, who have Crohn’s, for reference:



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  1. mandie says:

    Would love to join.

  2. i wuld love 2 join ur group am frm london uk

  3. Dede Cummings says:

    Hi Catherine and Mandie, Adam and I have now come up with a site that has stories and a chance to comment! This site will be much easier to follow, and sorry for the delay.

    I am interested in hearing from other women who have Crohn’s. I am not shy, and a story just came out about me, but I have to say, I cringed when I read about “myself,” but it is all good if other women read the article and say, “wow, that happened to me, too!”

    Before I got really sick with Crohn’s, I never talked about having a digestive disease, and I tried to hide it from everyone, especially at work! I got fired from a few freelance jobs b/c of my Crohn’s and having flares. . . that really sucked. I felt like a failure.

    Also, being a woman with Crohn’s was hard, especially on the diagnosis side of things! They kept saying I had a ruptured ovarian cyst! I even had surgery, and it didn’t show any ovary problems (and they kept my ovaries, thank god!), but I remember my OB/GYN surgeon telling me after that I had a “very impacted bowel” and I should get that checked. So, she was great to get me to a GI doctor next, and helped me at least get a diagnosis.

    Crohn’s has a tendency to sometimes masquerade as a host of other “female” problems (ovarian cysts, uterus, endometriosis, etc.), and that makes it hard to diagnosis. I would love to hear others’ stories about diagnosis.

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