Here's my view from home in Vermont. We still have snow here!

…. to all the new members of ihaveCrohn’s…Adam and I were talking on the phone today about our goals for this site, and I went on and found 12 members! Wow. We are happy you found us, and hope you can use the site for an extra community for those of you have have Crohn’s or other IBDs, like UC or celiac disease….. and/or if you are a caregiver.¬† It is great to have Adam’s support for this new site–he is also the founder of ihaveuc.com. So, please post and tell us your stories…. and if you have suggestions, we are all for it.

Glad we have actual members! This site is private and only¬† open to registered members, as it is important to feel comfortable, esp when talking about IBD…

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  1. i hav crohns 4 10 yrs just had 2nd op on pentasa humira hav tryed evry med an steroid only seem 2 last 4 little while keeping my fingers crossed an tryin 2 b positive

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