My Life With Crohn’s

Hello to everyone here. My name is Josh and I am 28 yrs young…. Lol. I was diagnosed originally with uc in 2007 where I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks, but my symptoms started back in 06. I had constipation n had bloody stool. I did not pay attention to it at 1st thinking it would just go away n it did for about 2 months then it came back n this time it was worst. They had to carry me to the e.r because I could not walk due to the pain. The 1st week in the hospital I had nothing but diarrhea. Going total of 15 times to the bath. The 2nd week was a lil better. I was able to hold down food, not go so much to the bath, and was a bit more active. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was weighing 119 lbs and my regular weight was 150. Anyway, finally I was able to go home but was not out of the woods yet. For the next 2 months I still had somewhat of a flair up so I was watching myself. Finally I got out of it in May of 07. I felt good but not g reat. It would sometimes hurt when I would go to the bath. My meds consisted of asacol, azaithoirpine, and prednizone. After a couple of months of feeling ok i stopped taking the meds…… Big mistake! I rel-lapsed in May of 08 n this time it was just as bad. The good thing is I didn’t go to the hospital, but the pain was just as bad. I was bad for 2 months again and wanted it to end already. My g.I doctor recommended me to a specialist in cedar. I went to the specialist and he put me on remicade in 09. My symptoms where improving a bit. I would get my infusions every 8 weeks, but after a while my symptoms would return like in the 6th week or so. After a yr and half of remicade(along with all my other meds) he decided to try humira Wich seemed to do the trick if i got the shot in time. The only thing is that its. Painful shot and its done every 2 weeks so that was not fun. In November of 2010 I had a colonoscopy and he determined that I had more chrons than uc. So he d iagnosed me with chrons/colitis. My illness is mostly concentrated about 30 centimeters In to the rectum. The rest of my g.I system looks to healed. Now I’m back on remicade again and i had a minor surgery to have a ceton put in due to a fistula. The pain in the rectum I feel has gotten worse. I have been on pain killers non stop for almost 5 months now. The remicade does help to a certain point but After that i don’t know what to do. I refuse to have surgery cuz I know that somehow God will heal me. I feel that if i give the rectum time to relax it will start healing, but its hard cuz if i don’t eat my stomach hurts and if i eat i gotta poop and that’s where the pain starts. Luckily I have not had a major flair up since 08, but i do have constant little ones. My problem seems to be the rectum. If i could somehow get that under control I know that i would be in a better shape. Well that’s my chrons story my friends. If there is any advice I would su re love to hear it. Thank you for reading.

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A family member of mine has Crohn's Disease
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  1. Dede Cummings says:

    Dear Josh,

    Hi! I read your story. Sunds like things have really not gotten so much better, but at least the disease is lcated. You know, this site isn’t as busy as, the same person does that site, and I wonder if you should repost your story and get more comments there?

    My comment is to hang in there, and don’t loose hope! Get a second opinion, and keep a food journal; also keep your weight up and eat really healthy food, but if something irritates your small intestine, you can have a food journal to refer to. I remember that I could not eat corn in the cob, or corn, really. Immediate irritation. In your food journal, you can note when you have rectal pain, and maybe link it to something you are doing (for me, running long distance is a diuretic, and I feel a lot of pressure on my rectum at the end of, say, my five-mile run).

    Good luck

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