Crohn’s Disease and Stress

Hello! And thanks to Adam for helping us get this site off the ground and up and running ;)

My post is about stress, and ways to reduce it. I know, it’s in the news all the time! Like this recent article about kids with Crohn’s and/or colitis:….

Or this article about twenty-something workers that kind of breaks your heart to read….

But, and this is where this site comes in, what can people do to alleviate stress? Why is it so important? Since I wrote about my own stress, and literally told the truth in the MORE magazine piece about me (Against the Odds, Feb., 2012), Inhave gotten quite a few emails from people with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. One woman wrote and asked me why I said Crohn’s wasn’t fatal in some cases (I was referring to my case and brush with a bowel perforation due to my obstruction in April-May, 2006)… But, she was right! IBD can be fatal, and needs to be taken very seriously by doctors, families, caregivers, teachers, spouses, etc.

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